Produits biologiques ultérieurs


Find a wealth of information related to biologics and subsequent entry biologics in Quebec.

L’INESSS précise les règles entourant les PBU

« Les médicaments biologiques sont une classe de médicaments dérivés d’organismes vivants, dont la structure est beaucoup plus complexe et variée que celle des médicaments synthétisés par voie chimique. Le …

L’INESSS reconnaît la valeur thérapeutique d’un PBU

« Inflectra est un médicament qui contient de l’infliximab. Selon les dispositions législatives et réglementaires de Santé Canada, il s’agit d’un produit biologique ultérieur (PBU), c’est-à-dire un produit biologique dont …

The Arthritis Society speaks out about covering Remicade

“Access to more forms of treatment—and to more affordable ones—is advantageous for all concerned, explains Eric Amar, CEO for the Quebec branch of the Arthritis Society.

The INESSS recommends the inclusion of an SEB

On February 2nd, 2015, the Institut national d’excellence en santé et en services sociaux (INESSS) recommended that the Ministry of Health and Social Services cover the subsequent entry biologic Inflectra, used to treat arthritis.

Important changes in the works

As production of these subsequent entry biologics is already under way, marketing will doubtless rapidly spread their therapeutic applications to various fields (rheumatology, dermatology, oncology, gastrointestinal diseases, etc.). But in …

Explanations from Health Canada

What are subsequent entry biologics? How is their production regulated in Canada? In this information sheet, Health Canada presents prospects for SEBs and the challenges they bring.

SEBs explained for everyone

In addition to offering insight into the evolution of subsequent entry biologics in Europe and in the United-States, BIOTECanada proposes two brochures: one targeted at patients and health professionals, and the other geared towards private pharmacare plan managers.

What patients with arthritis should know

The Quebec branch of the Arthritis Society has brilliantly developed communication tools affording patients with arthritis access to simplified information on what they ought to know about subsequent entry biologics (SEBs).

SEBs and the Canadian Society of Intestinal Research

The Canadian Society of Intestinal Research offers, inter alia, an excerpt from their The Inside Tract newsletter bearing on the differences between biologics and subsequent entry biologics (SEBs).

Coverage by Le Pharmablogue

A French-language blog focussing on pharmaceuticals, Le Pharmablogue presents an account of various assessments pertaining to subsequent entry biologics in Canada.