Produits biologiques ultérieurs

Subsequent entry biologics in Quebec

The changes occurring in the use and development of biologics are raising numerous concerns because of the sheer importance of their potential impact, not only for patients and natural caregivers, but also for health care professionals, the pharmaceutical milieu and the public sector.

Alliance des patients pour la santé


The Patient Alliance for Health is launching Project PBU-Québec—an opportunity to gather people affected by these important changes regarding biologics so as to devise approaches, as a group, that will allow these transformations to be undertaken carefully, and in the interest of patients.


Health-centred literacy

Raise awareness in health professionals about the difficulties some patients may encounter when attempting to understand health issues.


Patients’ opinions

Support members of the Alliance in their actions to defend patients’ interests and rights.


Access to medication

Facilitate access to the best treatments and to innovative therapies for patients suffering from chronic illnesses.


Biologics come from living organisms. Their structure is more complex, and their composition more likely to vary at the moment of production than chemically synthesized drugs (for instance: insulin, growth hormones, etc.).

Subsequent entry biologics (SEBs) are similar to innovative biologics and appear on the market after them, once patents have expired.